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Monthly Inspiration: August 2014


By Jessica Bellofatto

"Practice and all is coming" - Sri K Patabhi Jois

"Practice, practice, practice. It helps to keep at it. As you begin befriending your breath, you see immediately that unawareness is everywhere. Your breath teaches you that not only does unawareness go with the territory, it IS the territory. It does this by showing you, over and over again, that it's not so easy to stay with the breath even if you want to. Lots of things intrude, carry us off, prevent us from concentrating. We see that the mind has gotten cluttered over the years, like an attic, with old bags and accumulated junk. Just knowing this is a big step in the right direction" - Jon Kabat Zinn

Happy August. These days have been so beautiful, the ocean is finally warming up, and summer is truly in full swing. Despite the fact that we are surrounded by so much abundance in the Hamptons during this season, the reality still remains that much of the world is suffering. If more of the world practiced awareness, practiced Yoga, practiced meditation, would less of the world be suffering? The ways in which many of us operate on the planet-  motivated by greed, jealousy, anger, and the me vs. you, us vs. them mentality simply is not working... that is quite obvious. It may or may not be speaking to the choir to write here that what is so urgently necessary for the health and happiness and yes, even survival of human beings as a species is less fear, less war, less hatred and more love, more compassion, more connection, simply more awareness that we are in this TOGETHER, not apart. When we are being really transparent and honest with ourselves, how are we as individuals fueling the fire of suffering and separateness??

So this month, we practice. We practice cultivating the qualities of compassion and love by walking in another's shoes rather than judging them. We practice patience by watching our own breath as it moves in and as it moves out, perhaps while sitting in traffic, perhaps while waiting on line at the store or at the post office. We practice Yoga throughout the day, every day. We practice gratitude when we jump in the ocean this time of year, submerged in that delicious, healing water, or when we eat the first tomato off the vine, still warm from the August sun...

Join us at KamaDeva Yoga, in this journey of practice, in this journey of awareness, in this journey of healing ourselves and others, in this journey of life...

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih, Om Peace Peace Peace

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