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Monthly Inspiration: December 2014

The Essence of Sound

By Jen Frasher

Have you ever felt the “unstruck sound?” The sound of silence, when every cell of your body is vibrating and yet your mind is as still as ice.

This is the space of the anahat, or the unstruck melody. This is the space where sound is born and this is the ultimate state of the mind, for it is in this space where we begin to know the feeling of silence a little bit better.

Silence is filled with the anahat. Repetitive chanting of a mantra, being emerged in a continuous sound resonance or engaging in a strong pranayama (breath) practice can induce the state of anahat. When we do this, the nervous system becomes synchronized and the flow of thoughts moves with the higher self. The ego relaxes and a sound or vibration resonates in every atom and fiber of your being. This vibration becomes a part of you and you begin to listen. You start to feel your knowing as you begin to taste the silence within. The inner silence is the silencing of the ego, when the mind vibrates silently in perfect unison with the unlimited self. When the sound of silence is vibrated in every cell and fiber of the body, we can begin let go and become truly silent. In that silence we can feel, hear and act on the calling of our soul. We begin to feel the resonance of being and once it is tasted, the sensation will never be forgotten and will inevitably weave its way into every facet of your life.

This is how we personally expand while connecting to the energies around us and relating to each other. This is how we shift our own vibration while simultaneously attracting that same vibrational energy towards us. This is how we heal. No words. Pure feeling. A vibration of Oneness.

Close your eyes. Go within. Feel the silence. Experience the vastness of yourself and merge with infinite. The anahat is everywhere!

Savasana is a perfect pose to experience the anahat. Translated as “corpse pose”, savasana is the practice of letting go, witnessing and listening. The body begins to deeply relax while the effects of the practice imprint into the bones, muscles and each cell that constructs our whole being. Savasana is when we merge with the infinite!

No yoga practice is complete without the posture of Savasana.

This month may we allow ourselves to fully release in Savasana and experience a great wealth of self-healing.

Jen Frasher

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