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Monthly Inspiration: February 2016

High Lunge

By Jessy Nees

Pada IV, Sutra 25: visesadarsinah atmabhava bhavananivrttih
For one who realizes the distinction between citta and atma, the sense of separation between the two disappears.

The month of February is a celebration of love, although it's most typically in the form of two people in a relationship. What if we were to embrace love this month in its simplest sense: connection? Connection to others, connection to the community, connection to  yourself, and finally, to this whole divine universe. As stated in the sutra, “visesadarsinah atmabhava bhavananivrttih,” there is no separation, we are all connected. This February, let’s embrace and foster that connection.

High Lunge is a pose that personifies the idea of connection. Focus in this pose on the idea of gathering, connecting to the center. Drag your front leg back, and your back leg forward, and find a sense of a strong foundation (as well as a sweet stretch for the front of your hip). Now, with your arms extending toward the sky, knit your front ribs in and breathe into the expanse of your back body. It's said that the back body represents the universal energy. As you inhale, turn your attention to the expansion of your back body and find that tether of connection to the universal energy.

With this stable sense of foundation, and strong connection to the universal, let yourself foster connection to yourself and those around you. It's only a matter of actively engaging, such as your legs are in this high lunge. Perhaps it's simply checking behind you to hold the door for someone, or offering a smile or even just warm eye-contact to a fellow shopper at the market. Maybe you carve out time to fill a bath with hot water and some essential oils one night, or just drink your morning coffee or tea with an added awareness and allow yourself to enjoy the entirety. Maybe you bring this idea of connection to life through joining a group that fosters one of your personal hobbies, meeting people with the same interest and therefore fostering your personal and  interpersonal connections.

Engage. Connect. Love. Allow this February to be about all of these, no matter what form resonates strongest with you. After all, we are all connected to one another and one profound universal energy.

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