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Monthly Inspiration: April 2017


By Nicole Re

Asana of the Month: Maksikanagasana (Dragonfly Pose)

Transformation, Hip opening for emotional release, Twisting for Spring detoxification

Ah Spring... The beautiful emergence from the cold more confining months. Color floods the land, as the gray and monochromatic fades into bursts of color as the East End comes back alive! I can feel something stir deep inside. Each Spring another opportunity to blossom again with the flowers. The Warmth of the Spring sun recharging my Spirit. I find myself connecting with the earth again. As I dig my hands into the dirt. That amazing smell of rich wet woods that only Spring brings. Nature is restored to its beauty. Truly a transformation we all can connect with.

I easily compare the transformation of consciousness that comes from Yoga to the feeling that comes from Spring. When you begin to seek. When you still the mind and start to connect with the ‘true self’ you begin to emerge from the sufferings of life. We can find ourselves getting the Winter blues, however we are always promised the change and transition into Spring. Just as we find ourselves breaking out of the doldrums of the cold gray Winter we can do the same with the mind.

We can learn so much from nature. Change is inevitable just as the transition from Winter into Spring each year. Embrace all the transitions in life as we grow and transform with each. Just as the Spring flower emerges from the cold hard earth. How resilient and amazing we are.

Notice as you deepen you Yoga practice that your mind is like the flower. You hold with in you the magic of the warmth of Spring and the power to transition gracefully through all of life’s offerings.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change” - Buddha

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