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Monthly Inspiration: January 2017

Kriyas (Conscious Action)

Jen Frasher

The word kriya means action, but not just any action. It is an action that leads to a complete manifestation. It is an action that allows a thought to come into actuality, and a desire to become a commitment. When we learn to act with kriya, then action becomes aligned with the larger pattern of the Self.

We can learn to act with kriya in the practice of yoga. A kriya in yoga is a sequence of postures, breath and sound (mantra) that are integrated together to allow the manifestation of a particular state, we sometimes call that state Ananda, or bliss. Mastering kriya brings with it a sense of grace, power and the ability to complete things.

By consciously practicing asana with breath and mantra, we begin to build a bridge of communication between the unconscious and the conscious, between your right now intentional patterning and all the patterning you didn’t even know you had. You start to give all of that energy a new form. First you create the form, or body posture, you add the breath and a sound current, then you start transforming all the things you’re not even aware of.

So, first there is discomfort in a posture, but you stay in it, hold it and breathe and if you hold it long enough the unconscious picks it up and says ‘oh I can do this.’ You then start re-patterning your mind with that “I can do it” energy without even thinking about it. It is in this moment that we enter into kriya, a spontaneous fulfillment of action, through the engagement of asana, that links the infinite self of you to this infinite moment, in other words, a complete manifestation of all that you are and in other other words, Yoga, or Union.

Every kriya in yoga is a dynamic formative creation. Each asana makes you more conscious of yourself and if you really put yourself into it you become a conscious self. And if you reach this awareness across many postures, you become a conscious consciousness.

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