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Monthly Inspiration: May 2017


By Jessica Bellofatto

Asana of the Month: Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

"Be a lotus in the pond," she said, "opening slowly, no single energy tugging against another but peacefully, all together."

I couldn't even touch my toes.
"Feel your quadriceps stretching?" she asked.
Well, something was certainly stretching.

Standing impressively upright, she
raised one leg and placed it against
the other, then lifted her arms and
shook her hands like leaves. "Be a tree," she said.

I lay on the floor, exhausted.
But to be a lotus in the pond, opening slowly, and very slowly rising,
that I could do.

- Mary Oliver

May is Maia's month. She is an Italic goddess of Spring, and is also associated with the Goddess of Fertility. May is truly a beautiful month in both hemispheres. In the North, Spring is gradually blooming into Summer while the South celebrates the gorgeous colors of Autumn. As practitioners of Yoga, we can honor this month as a month of renewal. For most of us who reside in the Northeast, May finally brings warmer air and hopefully less rain than the month of April. On our mats, our bodies are ready. Heat is created through movement and breath more quickly, and we feel eager to truly shed the last vestiges of winter and open to new beginnings. It is also said that this is the month when plants and flowers really start to grow.

The lotus flower, as described in the poem above by Mary Oliver, is a special flower. It is rich with meaning not just in Yogic culture, but in Hinduism, Buddhism, and ancient Egyptian religion. As challenging as Lotus pose (or Padmasana) is for so many of us, the hip opening involved in this pose can benefit us all, whether we ultimately get fully into the pose or not. Also, the beautiful and powerful metaphor of the Lotus, that it is a flower that grows in the water of ponds and creeks, a many petaled delicate and gorgeous flower that literally blossoms out of the the murky depths, offers the promise that we, too, can blossom out of darkness and confusion.

Join us this month to celebrate the Lotus, to celebrate new beginnings, to celebrate renewal!

We are excited to announce that KamaDeva Yoga is also undergoing renewal. Freshly painted and re-decorated, with a new website in the works, KamaDeva Yoga will be changing its name to JBYoga Studio.

JB are the initials of Jessica Bellofatto, the owner and director of the studio, but the name change means much more. JBYoga stands for Just. Be. You. and it is this 'tagline' that is the mission of the studio and has been since day one. Like the lotus flower and the lotus pose, the practice of all Yoga is intended to be a movement from confusion to clarity, from darkness to Light, from fear to Love, and from separateness to connection with Source, with Self, and with all other Beings... Just Be You very simply means that through this practice we return to source, we return to our True authentic selves. As always, and even more so as we truly clarify our name and our vision, classes at JBYoga combine amazing sequencing, transformational hands on adjustments, music that is relevant to the teachings, poetry, mantra, pranayama, and a heart- centered theme to facilitate this process of uncovering YOU—that which is limitless, boundless Love and Joy.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in our re-designed space and welcoming in summer in the Hamptons!

With love,
Jessica Bellofatto and the JBYoga Studio Family

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