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In Like A...

By Jessica Bellofatto

Michal HochmanMarch comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, or so the saying goes. It certainly held true for the first few days of this month with some of the coldest temperatures we have had all winter, and that WIND! I always feel like March is an important time to pause, to take stock. It feels in many ways like a midway point, a couple of months after making New Years Resolutions and hunkering down for the winter, and still a couple of months to go before spring has truly sprung and we can emerge from our winter slumber (although with three kids and two businesses to run there is not much slumbering going on over this way, and I am sure many of you can relate), but you get the point. Can we shift our minds away from the political climate and the seeming chaos of the world around us, and check in with ourselves? What ARE we manifesting in the world around us moment to moment? How much are we either contributing to the tension and dis-ease in the world, or providing a refuge from it? Are we speaking up when appropriate? The bottom line is that what we say and do DOES in fact matter, in ways both big and small, both locally and within our homes, and has far-reaching effects as well... Continue reading

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KamaDeva Yoga opened its doors in the spring of 2009, in a small space that could only hold 15 students. Since then, it has grown to its current home, which is able to accommodate 40 students. Open year round and almost every day, the studio provides a family, a community, and a sanctuary for both students and teachers alike, with a wide array of yoga classes to suit all levels.

On The Horizon...


Jessica's vision for the studio is simple but profound;

"It is my hope and dream that all people, regardless of their age, physical ability, or income may be able to experience and benefit from this amazing practice that has saved my own life time and again over the past twenty years. Yoga has been such a gift to me and I truly believe there is a yoga for EVERY BODY. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support. May we all cultivate deeper gratitude and presence of awareness every single day, and share that with everyone we come into contact with."
~ Jessica Bellofatto, KamaDeva Yoga Founder

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