You’ve either heard of CBD oil by now, or you’ve tried it. If you’ve just heard of it but haven’t tried it, there’s a good chance that you’ve also heard about all the good that it can do.

In fact, there’s a lot of research online now that indicates CBD is an effective natural treatment for many different health conditions out there – from anxiety and depression to epilepsy and even cancer.

Naturally, there are now many companies out there who are creating their own form of CBD and trying to turn a profit as a result. However, it pays to be wary – some of these companies can be more trusted than others.

Let’s give one a review and decide whether they’re worth taking a look at or not.

Elite Botanicals Review

Purity 2.0
Strength 2.0
Service 4.5
Price 6.0
Consumer Reviews 4.0

A Review of Elite Botanicals

Elite Botanicals is slightly different from the many CBD oil companies out there, primarily because they actually supply other companies with their brand products, instead of being an actual brand themselves.

In fact, they are one of the biggest CBD oil suppliers in the industry and have a partnership with many different companies, including The CBD Boutique and Mary’s Medicinals.

They have sophisticated facilities that they use to test, distill and even extract their organic Colorado industrial hemp. They are a consistent solution for any company out there who is wanting to purchase their CBD oil wholesale instead of going to the effort of making it themselves.

There is a small range of CBD products that Elite Botanicals do sell underneath their own name, but they’re mainly found in other CBD companies including Cheeba Chew and Mountain High Suckers.

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to use Elite Botanicals as their go-to wholesaler of CBD products. They have a number of different unique and innovative ways that they cultivate their hemp, which has meant a relatively easy climb to the top. They also have access to a number of different CBD varieties, which gives them an advantage over other wholesalers in the industry.

Elite Botanicals test their products through their very own lab. As we mentioned, Elite Botanicals do have a small line of products that they sell themselves – these include lip balm, lotions, salts, facial products, bath bombs, and even a topical spray.

While they claim that they don’t use any parabens, colors or phthalates in their products, without any detailed ingredient lists, there’s no way of knowing whether they’re honest about this or not.

Unfortunately, there’s no way that we can say for sure whether Elite Botanicals have safe CBD products because they don’t publish anything to do with third-party lab testing.

While it’s good that they put their products through their own testing, it’s important that they also do this with a third party that’s objective and can accurately say whether their products are safe to consume or not.

Elite Botanicals Alternatives

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Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Elite Botanicals is an innovative supplier of CBD oil to wholesalers everywhere in the industry. They run a large scale business and are considered profitable, has been a mainstay for the CBD oil industry for a while now.

What we don’t like about them, though, is that they haven’t got any ingredients lists that determine exactly what’s in their products, and they haven’t gotten each batch third party tested.

They must tick this step off the list for us to consider them safe to use, so without it, we can’t condone them as a CBD oil company.

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