CBD oil has been around for centuries and used as a natural remedy to treat a number of different health conditions. However, because of certain legislation in the states that’s been around since the 1970s, using cannabis medicinally has been heavily restricted.

America just recently relaxed this legislation, which means that cannabis is now legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes in many states. While this means that you now have a great alternative to prescription medication, it also means that there are people out there who will try to take advantage of this.

Let’s give one of these companies a review and decide whether they’re worth buying CBD oil from or not.

Enecta Review

Purity 1.0
Strength 3.0
Service 5.0
Price 9.0
Consumer Reviews 5.5


  • Great prices


  • Lack of information
  • No lab tests
  • Cannot guarantee safety

Enecta: The Details

Enecta is an Italian company that believes in the power of CBD oil. You may not find any olive oil for sale here, but you will find an extensive range of CBD oil products.

Enecta feels passionate about treating the earth, people and plants like cannabis with care and respect. While we appreciate and value their core ethos, we can see from the lack of information on their website that they’ve still got a little way to go if they want to win over loyal customers.

Without vital information like their product source or extraction method, there’s not a lot that we can do when it comes to giving our recommendation for Enecta.

Enecta is a collaboration of Italian botanists, hemp growers, and scientists. Their primary goal is to offer CBD as a real, natural remedy to their customers at an affordable price.

In fact, they openly state their disagreement with marking up a product just so that profits are better. They have a wide range of products from e-liquids and oils to even crystalline isolate. While Enecta claims that they put all of their products through strict third-party testing, we have yet to lay our eyes on even one Certificate of Analysis on their website.

Enecta Alternatives

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Final Thoughts

With Enecta, it’s evident that they feel passionate about using CBD oil as a natural healer. However, passion sometimes isn’t enough to translate your product so that the public will buy it, and we think that Enecta needs help with this.

At the end of the day, we need a bit more information from Enecta that includes exactly where they are sourcing their hemp from, what type of extraction methods they are using and anything else that puts their product above others.

Unless we have proof that their products are safe to consume and have good quality levels of CBD, there’s no way that we can confidently recommend them to potential customers.

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