There are so many different companies out there that promise Instagram growth; it’s really hard to know which ones will actually deliver on their promises, and which ones won’t. With more competition than ever on Instagram these days, growing your reach and gaining followers from Instagram’s 1+ billion active monthly users is extremely important. 

With most growth services out there promising to grow Instagram followers through follow/unfollow and bot automation, there has been a limited amount of success that these companies have been able to achieve. It’s likely that they could be shut down at any moment even, due to the strict policies that Instagram has in terms of using automation to gain followers. 

There are so many things that Instagram influencers, businesses, and social media managers have on their plates that growing followers manually can be a huge consumption of time, and looking for tools to minimize this task is on the top of their list. Unfortunately, most services out there actually hurt your account rather than help them. 

But, what about Growthoid? This service has actually changed the game in terms of Instagram growth services, and we had the same question that you probably do: is Growthoid real? 

We wrote this review to run through the features that we experienced on Growthoid and how the service works so that you can decide if it’s the best option for your Instagram growth. Overall, we had a positive experience. 

Growthoid Review

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What sets Growthoid apart from other growth services is that Growthoid doesn’t use any automation services to grow followers. 

With most growth services, the basic function is that they’ll use bots and automation in order to engage with accounts that seem to be in your target audience; through these interactions, they say that they will gain followers to your account. 

Typically, however, most accounts see rarely any growth because of Instagram’s strict regulation of how bots interact, and they have to keep their activity low in order to stay under Instagram’s radar, or they’ll get shut down. That ultimately means that growth is limited, and really, the quality of followers is basically hit or miss because these accounts are found solely through automation. 

With Growthoid, however, everything is done by hand. This makes a huge difference in the amount of followers and quality of followers you can gain, as they hand-tailor everything geared exactly to what you want. 

Let’s take a look at the features of Growthoid that make it possible for them to operate a manual growth service. 

Feature 1: Account Manager

Growthoid Features

Hands down the best feature of Growthoid is your account manager. Once you sign up with Growthoid, within 24 hours you’ll get an account manager that is dedicated to growing your account. This person will partner with you to identify your targets and then use them to interact with accounts manually. 

Because there is a real person doing this, you won’t have to worry about the inconsistent results that a bot is producing. Also, you’ll have more authentic reactions with accounts on Instagram, which means you won’t be flagged by Instagram and also the reputation of your Instagram account won’t be in jeopardy from inappropriately timed auto comments and direct messages. 

Feature 2: Growthoid Works In Every Industry 


Your targets will be what drive your growth through the account manager. With their service, any account in any industry will be able to take advantage of Growthoid and their organic Instagram growth. 

Your account manager uses targets that are relevant to your industry and finds accounts that are connected exactly to your niche, so you won’t have to worry about seeing your account flooded with irrelevant accounts that won’t even be engaging with your content. 

When you have a lot of irrelevant followers that don’t care about your content, your engagement rate will go down, which will hurt your Instagram account. These days, engagement is the key factor in having a healthy Instagram account; accounts with lower follower counts but high engagement rates are looked at as more successful than accounts with many followers but no engagement. 

With Growthoid’s growth service, your account manager will find accounts in your niche that will actually engage with your content as opposed to a bunch of ghost followers that aren’t connected to your industry. 

Feature 3: Support 

Growthoid Testimonials

Nothing is worse than having a question or concern and finding no one to help you or respond. This is something that you don’t have to worry about with Growthoid. They really care about your growth and their team is dedicated to helping you. We were super impressed with the caliber of service that we received and haven’t been able to find service like that in other services. 

Not only that, they’re so sure that you’re going to love the service, they offer a 14 day money back guarantee. This is so reassuring for anyone that is on the fence about trying out a new service. All in all, they have a lot of really happy clients that haven’t had any reason to take them up on their 14 day guarantee. 

Not only that, your account manager can work with you to adjust your targets if you want to change things up or you think that maybe they can help you find the most effective targeting options. This was another feature that was great. I was happy to know that my targets can be adjusted and I don’t have to stick with them forever. 

Review Conclusion

Our answer to the question, “should I try Growthoid for Instagram growth?” is a definite yes. They are a really dedicated team, they provide transparent and no-frills service, and get right down to business. This is hard to find in growth companies. 

It’s so nice to have someone else take care of Instagram growth and have more time to focus on content creation and post scheduling. Growthoid is the service that we’ve been looking for to help boost our Instagram reach and gain new followers that are actually interested in our content. 

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