Natural remedies have been around for centuries, and while some of them have made their way into the Western market, others haven’t. CBD oil has been around for a long time now, but it’s only since America started to loosen its legislation around the cultivation and sale of it that’s it’s become popular.

In fact, popular is an understatement – CBD oil taken the natural health world by storm, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. What’s more, it’s got the proof to back it up – all you have to do is Google ‘CBD,’ and you’ll come up with all kinds of different research that points to it being an incredibly beneficial alternative to often harmful prescription drugs.

As you can expect, there are now many companies out there selling it. However, you can’t trust them all. Let’s give one a review.

Hempgenix Review

Purity 4.0
Strength 4.0
Service 7.0
Price 4.0
Consumer Reviews 5.0

Hempgenix: The Details

Hempgenix is the type of company that angles its products more toward the wholesale market, preferring retailers to buy them in bulk. As you can imagine, then, there’s no end to the CBD oil products that Hempgenix has on offer. They also seem to be one of the most vigilant companies when it comes to their third-party lab testing – however, they haven’t been able to do this across the entire board, which we’re disappointed about.

As we mentioned, Hempgenix has one of the most comprehensive lists of products that we’ve ever seen in the CBD oil industry. It does beg the question, though: is quantity better than quality? While they’ve made somewhat of an effort with their lab testing, it doesn’t appear that they’ve covered all the bases. With issues like this, it’s hard to find all of their products so appealing.

While Hempgenix has made an impressive effort at publishing a Certificate of Analysis for almost every batch of product they’ve created, they haven’t done it for their most recent ones. While it does count to a certain extent all the other ones, they’ve displayed online unless they’ve got all of them for us to see there’s no way that we can recommend them as a CBD oil company.

Hempgenix Alternatives

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Final Thoughts

While Hempgenix is a company that’s largely aimed at wholesale clients, there’s no doubt that they also care about the individual as well. Not only are they claiming to be on the frontline of CBD research, but they have also managed to supply a fair amount of CoAs.

However, unless we can verify that they have one for every batch they’ve produced, we can’t condone the use of these products – there’s just no way of knowing whether they’re safe to be consumed or not.

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