Is HempWorx an MLM scam?

As the FDA continues to bring to justice companies who are selling sub-par CBD products, the heat is on for reputable companies to stick to the rules.

In fact, a number of warning letters in 2015 led to the industry as a whole cleaning up their act. This is excellent news for you as the customer – it means that you can feel confident about most companies out there these days.

However, it’s always recommended that you do as much preliminary research as possible. Let’s give HempWorx a review.

HempWorx CBD Oil Review

Purity 8.5
Strength 8.0
Service 0.0
Price 2.0
Consumer Reviews 1.0


  • Quite pure
  • High strength


  • It's a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme
  • Difficult to order
  • Poor service
  • Poor customer reviews

HempWorx Review: What Is It?

While HempWorx has filled their ‘about’ page up with information regarding CBD oil and other cannabinoid products, we were surprised to find little about the actual company.

However, we did learn a little about the manufacturing process. HempWorx uses a technology that enables them to extract up to four hundred phytonutrients from raw hemp. This technology means that they don’t have to use heat or harmful solvents, which is great news for the consumer.

HempWorx also prides itself on having 100% non-GMO and organic products. As well as this, they also cultivate and manufacture all of these right here in the U.S.A. All of the hemp plants they use for their products are grown in Kentucky, and HempWorx keeps their customers regularly updated on the lab testing process and verification methods they employ.

Reviewing HempWorx’s CBD Oil

When it comes to HempWorx’s CBD oil, there are two quantities that may be purchased. These are 500mg and 750mg. Both of these quantities contain 100% pure CBD oil, as well as a small amount of peppermint that enhances the overall flavor.

This means that the ingredients list is short, as it should be: CBD oil and peppermint extract. That’s it.

For both bottles, a single serving is 20mg. This means that there are 50 servings in each container. The difference in these products is the strength. The 500mg bottle contains 10mg of CBD per serving, while the 750mg bottle contains 15mg.

When it comes to actually testing the product, everything was going great until we attempted to buy it. There are no prices available on the website itself, and if you do want to purchase it, you have to be referred by a third party.

After some in-depth research, we were able to find out that 500mg will set you back $69 while 750mg will cost you $89. Both of these prices are exclusive of shipping.

Overall, HempWorx CBD oil does a decent job of alleviating back pain. However, it is certainly not the best CBD oil available out there. In fact, we consider it to be pretty average compared to others, which is surprising considering how much they’re prepared to charge for it.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t even the high price that was most offputting. It was that we found it so difficult to order it through their website.

HempWorx: The Profit Motive

Based on this situation that we found ourselves in, we can conclude that HempWorx has an ulterior motive as a company. While you may think their main motive is to sell as much CBD oil as possible, they’ve got other ideas.

Their ultimate goal is, in fact, to gain new affiliates who can promote their products for them. The company focuses on how profitable the CBD oil industry is becoming and how much commission you stand to gain from becoming an affiliate.

It’s beginning to look a bit like a pyramid scheme at this point, which definitely raises a few red flags.

HempWorx Alternatives

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Where to Buy HempWorx

If you’re still interested in trying and buying HempWorx CBD oil, all you have to do is go to their ‘product page.’ However, remember that you’ll still need someone to refer you.

Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s hard for us to recommend their products because they are so obviously overpriced. However, the thing that got us the most is how determined they are to gain affiliates who can promote and sell their products for them.

It looks like HempWorx is merely trying to get a piece of the CBD oil industry pie. In this case, we recommend looking elsewhere for your CBD oil.

As a consumer, you want to invest in a company who puts you first and the quality of their product before anything else.

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