Want to know the secret to everlasting youth, beauty, health and happiness?  It’s all in your neck. The neck lock or Jalandhar Bandh is the yogic way to health and happiness. And the best part is, it’s free!

Practiced most during meditation, pranayama and chanting, Jalandhar bandh is applied by gently pulling the chin into the back of the neck or throat area.

This allows the back of the neck to lengthen and stretch for optimal flow of energy along the spine. The head stays centered, the face relaxed, the front of the neck is soft and the chest elevated.

So how does this neck lock achieve youth and vitality you wonder?

Our health is governed by our glandular and nervous systems, which are fed by a certain amount of prana, or energy that flows into the body and apana, energy that flows out of the body.

The balancing, blending and containment of these two forces inside the body is key in creating superior health. This blend is achieved through the use of body locks, or bandhas. Jalandhar bandh is one of the three body locks.

Specifically, Jalandhar Bandh, affects the higher glands of the brain – pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus, by sealing the energy generated there, stimulating a hormone secretion and forming a communicative relationship to one another.

Jala refers to the brain and its watery secretions; dhar is the upward pull or open gate. Jalandhar is the upward pull that opens the gate to the brain’s watery nectars and regulates the flow of that nectar.

When the pituitary, or master gland, secretes, it begins to flip and a cooling flow or nectar is dispersed down the body mixing with the heated energy from the navel area, effectively healing each cell of the body while calming the mind.

By applying jalandhar bandh, there is an increased awareness of this flow that awakens and stimulates the pineal gland; a.k.a. the fountain of youth, and a new level of interrelatedness between the glands takes place.

To put it simply, when our glands are relating and flowing, we are beautiful and glowing!  But don’t take my word for it, be a yogi, experiment; the wisdom comes from your own experience.

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