I’ve always loved a good comeback story. Even in my own life, when I have experienced obstacles and challenges, I have always tried to take a step back and see where to find life’s lessons.

In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of a journey of transformation from ignorance to awakening. The Lotus represents the balance of being fully grounded in the earth (material world) while simultaneously aspiring toward the light (divine).

The Lotus flower has very humble beginnings, usually in a murky pond or polluted canal or waterway. It has to make roots where it can in the mud and then strive to reach the water’s surface to open its perfected petals to the sun.

In the same way, we need the impurities of our lives, the challenges and obstacles, in order to learn to grow with love, compassion and kindness and to be able to attain a higher level of awareness.

This is a journey of realization: we are more than just our physical body, or mind. We are, instead, spiritual beings in a material world. The ancient texts say that this world and this body are temporary, so it doesn’t matter if you can attain the perfect padmasana (lotus) pose.

While padmasana grounds us to the earth as the femur bones root and the groins settle, the side body lifts, the spine elongates, and we feel the energy rising up through the crown of the head. It is a beautiful pose for meditation, chanting and pranayama.

In Meditation, we start to realize that every experience in life is temporary and that it doesn’t matter if you cannot achieve the perfect lotus pose; maybe it’s a half lotus or sukhasana (easy sitting).

Just sit with your attention on your breath and feel how the balanced and grounded legs open the petals of your heart to compassion and light.

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