You’ve either used CBD oil already, or you’ve heard of it – it’s a popular product that has taken the natural health world by storm.

There are many reasons to try CBD as a safe, natural alternative to prescription medication, and they can all be found online through studies and research.

With all of the reasons to try CBD oil, it’s no wonder that there are now hundreds of companies out there trying to have a slice of the pie.

While this means that you have a lot of product to choose from, it also means that you’re going to come across some companies that you shouldn’t associate with at all.

Let’s give one a review and decide whether they can be trusted or not.

Lidtke Review

Purity 1.0
Strength 2.0
Service 5.0
Price 4.5
Consumer Reviews 4.0

A Review of Lidtke

Lidtke is all about natural herbal blends that can be taken by either pets or humans, so they’re aim is to make CBD products that can be accessible to anyone and everyone.

Lidkte uses additional ingredients including ginger and turmeric and combines these with their CBD oil that’s full spectrum for potent remedies that can bring you effective relief. We like that Lidkte uses no artificial ingredients.

Lidtke makes the most of the strict European laws around how you can grow your hemp by sourcing high-quality plant material from organic Danish farms.

They have a diverse range of products that you can find for sale on their website while including tinctures and drops as well as pet products. We also like that Lidtke uses a CO2 extraction method, but we’re less than impressed with the lab testing side of things.

If you take a cursory glance at their website, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Certificates of Analysis on there are legitimate. However, on closer inspection, we found that they are all printed using their own letterhead.

While we’re not going as far as to say that they’re being deceptive about their results, we do think that they’ve done themselves a disservice by choosing to print the results using their own letterhead.

Lidtke Alternatives

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Final Thoughts

Lidtke has made an attempt to be a passable CBD oil company both with how they source their plant material and their claim to not use any artificial ingredients.

While we were initially impressed with this effort, we were disappointed at the same time to find out that they are don’t provide the original lab tests results

It’s for this reason that we have to say that Lidtke isn’t safe to use and you should look for your CBD oil elsewhere.

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