CBD oil is making waves in the alternative health industry. People are sick of taking prescription medication that comes with adverse side effects and is desperate to find an alternative that actually works.

America has only recently begun to review its laws around the use of cannabis, both medicinally and recreationally, and this has undoubtedly spurred the CBD oil movement.

There’s a lot to be said for this natural health remedy that’s been around for centuries – if you buy it from the right place it can be as pure and potent as you like it.

However, because there are so many companies out there trying to sell it now, buying it from the right place isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do.

Let’s give one such place a review and see how they check out in terms of transparency.

Milagro CBD Review

Purity 3.0
Strength 3.5
Service 7.5
Price 4.0
Consumer Reviews 4.0


  • Transparent sourcing
  • CO2 extraction


  • Only one lab test
  • Lack of evidence for claims

Milagro CBD: The Details

If you’re into companies that use as little ingredients as they can get away with, but keep the quality of their products high, then you could find yourself interested in Milagro CBD. Based in Ireland, Milagro has grown quite quickly over the last few years and have managed to establish themselves quite well in Europe and the UK.

It’s easy to see that Milagro is passionate about their products being both potent yet pure. You’ll come across a lot of companies in this industry who are only interested in making a profit, which means they are going to put next to no effort into their products’ ingredients. Milagro appears to be the opposite of this. Their values seem to be aligned correctly which is something we’re impressed with right off the bat.

While Ireland is where Milagro first originated, they now have an office in London, and their products are sold in many different retailers across the UK and Europe. There’s not a lot on their website talking about their mission statement or a back story, but like we said they claim to be a company that cares about the purity and potency of their product.

Their sourcing appears to be above board, coming from Europe where the standards are known to be high. Additionally, this company also claim to only work with farmers who feel passionately about sustainability when yielding their crop.

As well as using CO2 extraction methods for the purest form of hemp, they also claim to distill their CBD oil twice. With this type of quality control, they promise the customer that they won’t find any chemicals, fungicides or herbicides at all.

However, with these kinds of promises, you need to be able to back them up with real evidence, which we’re struggling to find. They only have independent lab tests for one of their products, which means we’re skeptical about the rest of them and what they may have in them.

With Milagro’s CBD oil, you can get three different types of concentrations. What’s a bit confusing to us about this, however, is they don’t actually mention the carrier oil that they use, so we’ve got just to go ahead and assume that it’s hemp seed oil. In addition, they offer a CBD oil healing balm that comes mixed with coconut oil.

They also have vape pens and e-liquids on their product list, too. They are making the most of selling their products in bulk through gift sets, and have even branched out into a range of pet products as well.

Actually, what’s confusing about this is that they don’t technically sell any products for pets, they only provide information about how much dosing you should give them. We’re not sure if they’re referring to their own products or other pet-related products you can buy elsewhere.

They even sell a personal CBD oil test kit where you can test the product you buy for cannabinoid concentration.

Milagro CBD Alternatives

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Milagro CBD sells a range of CBD oil products with a high concentration, which is ideal for the European market.

While we believe that they have put the utmost amount of care into the quality and potency of their products, we still need proof that this is true.

Without any evidence, we can’t condone the use of Milagro’s products – you just never know what might be in them.

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