The more press CBD oil gets, the more promising it looks. With America recently loosening its laws around cannabis regulation, we’ve seen an influx of CBD oil products available for purchase both in stores and online.

This certainly seems to be an excellent option and great alternative to potentially addictive painkillers. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a natural way to relieve pain, inflammation or even help you sleep better.

There are many companies that agree with the research and are cashing in on this significant moment in the industry where everyone’s interest is peaked. However, this doesn’t mean that every company is worth buying from.

Let’s take a look at one and give them a review.

Nulief Review

Purity 1.0
Strength 1.0
Service 1.0
Price 1.0
Consumer Reviews 1.0


  • Convenient capsule product


  • Lack of information
  • Still in marketing phase
  • There's already loads of capsule products on the market
  • No lab tests available yet

Nulief: The Details

If you’re familiar with the CBD oil industry, you may have heard of Whole Products. This is an umbrella group that covers many different businesses in the industry, and Nulief is the latest brainchild of this group.

In essence, it’s a CBD oil capsule – which isn’t as revolutionary as you think. While the idea of a CBD oil capsule is still relatively new, you’d be surprised how many companies are already mass producing this type of product.

What this means, then, is that you’ve got to have a really good product to stand out from the masses – and we aren’t convinced that Nulief is one of them.

The interesting thing about these guys is that they haven’t even come out with their capsules yet – they are still in the marketing phase. However, it does seem that their capsules are geared towards people who want the benefits of CBD without getting high.

With this in mind, it would appear that Nulief is a company who is focused on helping consumers get the product that they need – without the THC that they don’t.

While keeping in mind that they haven’t even come out with their product yet, they’re still required to comply with industry safety regulations – which they don’t appear to have done.

Nulief Alternatives

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Final Thoughts

Nulief doesn’t seem to be too bothered about showing their potential customers any type of background information or product verification.

When you’re shopping around and thinking about which CBD capsule you want to make your go-to product, you’re going to want to see lab tests and certification to back up its authenticity.

Beyond this fact, the other aspect to consider here is that Nulief isn’t even available to purchase yet. This means that we have absolutely no idea how good of a product they’re going to release – mainly because they haven’t even gone to trial.

In fact, the first batch to be released will be given to humans on a trial basis, so they’re still quite far away from introducing it to market. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil on the market – we don’t recommend waiting around for this day to come.

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