It’s natural once you’ve had a baby to want to jump right back into old workout routines. If you used to practice yoga routinely and appreciated its ability to restore and heal the body, you’re probably eager to resume classes.

However, it’s important to remember that your body is a little bit different now, which might affect your experience with yoga going forward. While you have every chance of resuming yoga at a level that you’re used to, it’s most likely going to take a bit of time. This is why it’s important to not be too hard on yourself and understand that your body is slowly getting back to normal.

What is Postpartum Yoga?

Postpartum Yoga

Postpartum yoga is a type of yoga that is often implemented after pregnancy and birth. It uses relaxation, movement, and balance to promote the postpartum healing process. A lot of the time, it incorporates the baby too, for moms who don’t want to be separated from their child.

Precautions to Take Postpartum

It is generally recommended that new moms take six weeks to recover postpartum if they have had their baby naturally. If they have had their baby via cesarean, the recovery time is longer. If you feel that you can get back into working out now, it might pay to check with your doctor, so that they can make sure that there is not too much abdominal separation. Once you have been given the all-clear from your healthcare professional to start exercising again, you can get back into your normal workout routine.

Remember, it’s important to ease back into any exercise postpartum, as you don’t want to push your body too hard right now. It also may be worth asking your yoga teacher for specific poses that you can do if you’re breastfeeding and are not comfortable with lying on your stomach.

Mom and Baby Yoga

Mom and Baby Yoga

When you’ve just had a baby, and you are keen to dive into postpartum exercise, then you might be able to arrange for someone to watch them while you sneak away and do something for yourself to promote your body’s ability to get back to normal.

If you can’t find someone to watch the baby during class time, though, don’t worry – there are many teachers out there that lead postpartum yoga with the baby as well. Mom and baby classes are also a great way of connecting with other new moms that have a shared interest in yoga.

Final Thoughts

Postpartum yoga is also something that you can try at home, too. There are plenty of online classes available,  as well as position sequences that promote healing of the body after birth, and allow for things like back issues and breastfeeding.

If you’ve just had your baby and you’re wondering how you can juggle your mom duties with regular exercise, take up yoga. It’s a great way to clear your mind, keep your body in check, and incorporate your baby into your workout routine.

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