Whether it’s derived from the hemp or marijuana plant, CBD oil is making waves in the alternative health industry.

With the recent legalization of cannabis in a number of American states, the health industry has seen a boom in businesses jumping on the CBD oil bandwagon.

If you’ve previously tried medication for back pain or anxiety, this is a great alternative that can have real, lasting effects. There are many companies out there who know this and are trying to make it big.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil Review

Purity 9.0
Strength 7.0
Service 2.0
Price 2.0
Consumer Reviews 4.5


  • Customer focused
  • Pure


  • No current lab tests
  • Lack of product information
  • Very expensive

Let’s give one such company a review.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil: The Details

Real Scientific Hemp Oil, otherwise known as RSHO, is a big shot in the CBD oil world. They have dominated the industry for the past few years with their rather expensive CBD oil.

However, there’s a reason for this – it’s some of the purest oil you can get. They don’t put any additives or fillers into their bottles, just pure CBD oil.

Let’s talk prices. Naturally, they’re going to be significantly higher than other companies, because of the quality that they claim to have.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $159 and $499 for RSHO products. They come in three different products types, which range in concentration from 18% to 24%.

RSHO is arguably one of the most consistent CBD oil businesses on the market today. Their products are pure and high quality, and they have built themselves a strong reputation that is hard to compete with. So what are their setbacks, then?

RSHO Alternatives

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NuLeaf Naturals
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Final Thoughts

The most significant disadvantage that stood out to us is the fact that they haven’t bothered to publish any current lab test results or specific product descriptions.

As a company that has a loyal customer following, it’s vital that they are always updating their information and making sure that each product goes through a stringent quality control procedure. This way, they can guarantee that their products are what they claim to be.

However, because they don’t do this, unfortunately, we can’t stand by them and recommend them as a go-to CBD oil company.

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