Best CBD oil for psoriasis?

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Psoriasis is a common inflammatory skin condition that can result in painful, unsightly sores across the body. Whilst there are many apparent remedies for the skin condition available on the market, of late CBD oil has become the go-to for treating this prolific condition.

Whilst psoriasis may just look like a sore skin complaint, the reality is that it is, in fact, an autoimmune disorder.

Normal skin cells are replaced roughly every 30 days, however, someone suffering from psoriasis will replace skin cells roughly every 3-5 days.

Can CBD Oil Help?

It is widely known that cannabis acts as an anti-inflammatory for an array of ailments, but can CBD effectively help rebalance one’s immune system’s responses and help limit such ailments as psoriasis?

Research has been conducted across the array of all cannabis compounds, while most have been directed at tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), research is opening up and looking at the benefits of other compounds found in the plants.

Best CBD Oil for Psoriasis

So you’re looking for the best CBD oil for psoriasis? Our team has sampled the top oils & we also analyzed huge amounts of consumer reviews & data (over 90,000 customers).

These are the results of that research – If you have psoriasis, then these are the oils we recommend.

Verma Farms
Hemp Bombs
Charlotte’s Web
NuLeaf Naturals

How Does CBD Oil Help?

best cbd oil for psoriasis

Fundamentally, psoriasis is an autoimmune response to an imbalance. Research conducted by Angel A Izzo et al demonstrated that using cannabis compounds, particularly THC, CBN, and CBD helped to inhibit the proliferation of the cells that are thought to cause psoriasis.

The results garnered from the research suggest that THC, CBN, and CBD could be effective in treating psoriasis even though the mechanism for the way the compounds rebalance the immune system isn’t fully understood at this stage.

This research is further solidified by similar research conducted by J.D Wilkinson Et al who suggest that the anti-inflammatory nature of THC, CBN, CBD, and CBG (a full spectrum) will reduce the body’s response to an autoimmune attack.

It is worth noting that these results vary on the quantities of the oil taken and will work best in a symbiotic relationship rather than as a stand-alone (isolate).

Both studies effectively demonstrated that CBD oil helps slowdown the cell proliferation that causes skin sores.

How Does This Research Help Me?

What we can establish from this research is that CBD is effective in reducing the body’s autoimmune response which causes psoriasis. Whilst the mechanism behind this is still being researched and understood, the research demonstrates that CBD oil is more effective as a full spectrum than an isolate in the case of psoriasis.

Is a Full Spectrum Oil Better For Me?

Cannabis sativa produces over 421 compounds that we are aware of, with THC and CBD being just two. Whilst there is a plethora of research directed at THC for its psychoactive reasons, research into the other 420 is still in its early days.

What the research is showing thus far is, is that full spectrum oils, so oils that haven’t had compounds removed, could be more beneficial than treating psoriasis than isolate oils. The logic behind this is that the compounds work together to create more than they would if they were taken alone.

Therefore, the research suggests that the compounds in full spectrum oils become far more than the sum of their constituent parts.

Isolate Oils

Isolate oils are well researched and do have an impact on treating psoriasis, however, the isolates are missing the key ingredients which are the other compounds that work together. Isolate CBD still has an anti-inflammatory effect, it also isn’t psychoactive unlike THC, but you are able to buy CBD oil for psoriasis that are low THC to limit these effects.

Does It Work?

First-hand reports, as well as documented and accredited research shows that CBD is effective at rebalancing the immune system’s response to psoriasis. Whilst there is no current definitive answer as to how this happens, the evidence shows that full spectrum oils have a huge impact on treating this autoimmune disease.

The healing process is slow, unfortunately, you won’t apply the CBD oil or balm and see an instantaneous change and it doesn’t happen overnight.

It will take time but stick with it and you will begin to see the difference in your skin condition. CBD is something that you will need to continue to take if you want to see improvements, one dose won’t make psoriasis go away.

How Do I Take My CBD Oil for Psoriasis?


CBD oil for psoriasis is now available in an array of formats, you can purchase coffee with CBD, cookies and cooking ingredients. However, if you are looking for something more direct that you don’t have to ingest, you are able to purchase full spectrum balm to rub on the affected areas.

If you are unable to access CBD balm, you are able to put oil onto the affected area. The oil will create a barrier between the affected area and the environment, and the compounds within the CBD will begin their work. The CBD will stop the hyperactivity of the skin cells and slow the proliferation of these cells, the oil will also work to decrease how inflamed the area is.

If you really don’t want to put CBD balm or oil on your skin, you can also put a small amount under your tongue and ingest it. Whilst this may take longer to work than if you applied it directly to the area, reports suggest that this is still an effective treatment method.

CBD Oil for Psoriasis: Conclusion

Whilst research is still young and ongoing into CBD and the other compounds found in the cannabis Sativa, the results are showing that they have more medicinal benefits than we originally realized.

Full-spectrum CBD oils are beginning to be accepted as a medical treatment for autoimmune response conditions and other medical conditions that people have had to live with.

Whilst we don’t fully understand the mechanism behind CBD and how it repairs tissues, cells and slows cell proliferation down, we do understand that it can help certain ailments.

A full spectrum oil or balm would be the best CBD oil for psoriasis, as the synergistic or entourage relationship between the 421 compounds helps to lessen inflammation and slows down the skins autoimmune response which is to replace skin cells every 3-5 days.

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