You may have noticed that CBD has started to make quite a name for itself in the health industry. It is considered an excellent natural alternative to many different health conditions, from insomnia and anxiety to depression and even arthritis.

While this is great news for patients who are after a treatment without conventional adverse side effects, this also means that there are companies out there looking to exploit people who don’t know better.

Let’s give one of these companies a review and decide whether they’re the kind of CBD oil company that can be trusted or not.

Jeff’s Best Hemp! Review

Purity 1.5
Strength 2.5
Service 7.5
Price 5.5
Consumer Reviews 6.0

A Review of Jeff’s Best Hemp!

Jeff’s Best Hemp is a company that’s been in the CBD oil game for quite a while now, and you could consider them a hallmark of it. In fact they’re one of the first companies to come up with CBD hemp oil that’s unheated and raw, quite a feat in today’s climate.

Of course, the lack of heat results in a higher concentration of CBD, as well as the inclusion of many other compound benefits, so this is definitely the type of product to go after if you’re someone who likes it as natural as it comes.

Jeff’s Best Hemp was created from a need for something natural as a treatment for cancer. Jeff himself had gone through the process of living with cancer and was determined to find a viable alternative that didn’t come with all the negative side effects that conventional drugs often have. Additionally, he is a certified nutritionist, making him somewhat of an expert on the topic.

This company goes the extra mile when it comes to the purity of their product, and they even describe in great detail the kinds of lab testing that they do on each and every batch. What is strange, then, is that they haven’t published any Certificates of Analysis to back up such claims, which we find to be quite disappointing.

As you can imagine, this CBD oil company has an extensive range of products, which include herbal blends, essential oils, tinctures, and of course their CBD oil. They even use their very own raw cold-pressed hemp seed oil as the carrier, which of course is going to be appealing to a wider audience.

As a bonus, Jeff’s Best Hemp refuses to use anything to do with plastic or solvents when manufacturing their products. They have a passionate commitment to both the environment and the health and wellbeing of their customers, which shines through when you take a look at how their products were made and what they have been made from.

Jeff’s Best Hemp Alternatives

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Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day this is the kind of company that truly believes in the product they’re selling, and they wouldn’t settle for anything less.

They also seem to have a high qualified team behind the brand that works hard to make sure each product is high quality. However, they have let themselves down in a big way by not posting any proof of lab testing their products.

This is a major thing to have left out and it means that we can’t recommend them as a company – without them, we just have no way of knowing whether they’re safe to use or not.

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