CBD oil is number one in the health industry right now. With many states in the U.S. passing the marijuana bill, farmers are now free to cultivate, grow and sell plants that can be turned into effective, natural remedies.

This has meant an increase in the number of businesses jumping on the bandwagon, excited at the prospect of being apart of a booming industry.

However, not every business you’ll come across is worth associating with.

Let’s take a look at one of these companies and give them a review.

Prime My Body Review

Purity 4.0
Strength 5.0
Service 1.0
Price 4.0
Consumer Reviews 1.0


  • Effective products


  • It's a Multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme
  • Highly sales orientated
  • There's better products on the market
  • Expensive

A Review of Prime My Body

If you’re someone who is well versed in the taking of CBD oil and you’re looking for a new way to do it, you’re going to want to check out Prime My Body.

At the forefront of the CBD oil revolution, they’re best known for innovative products that help with the absorption of the oil.

This includes a liposomal delivery system where cannabinoids are encapsulated in a certain way to make it super easy on your body when it comes to getting them into your system.

However, there’s a catch, as there usually is. Prime My Body isn’t just looking to sell you innovative CBD oil products – they also want you to become an advocate of the Prime My Body lifestyle. This means that they are on the lookout for affiliates who will, in layman’s terms, sell their products for them for a small commission. They see themselves as ‘lifestyle consultants’ as well as a business, and their goal is world domination in the health industry.

Prime My Body is all about expansion and domination. As well as having CBD oil products that are allegedly some of the purest you can get, they also have a line of apparel, body care, and superfoods to boot. They’ve even broadened their horizons and stepped into the bodybuilding world, with an interesting looking testosterone enhancement product.

If you’re looking for something to suit a modest budget, you may want to look elsewhere as Prime My Body aren’t shy about their price points. If you’re looking at their basic CBD oil, you can expect to spend a minimum of $150. However, here is where the ‘perks’ come in – if you become an affiliate, you may be able to receive some type of discount or reward (we’re not too sure how it works).

When it comes to their CBD oil, they’re all about bioavailability. In fact, this is so much of their focus that they’ve even provided graphs to back up their statements about how their liposomal delivery system can aid in the absorption of CBD oil more effectively. This could actually mean that you get more bang for your buck – if the same volume is now more valuable, then it means you need to take less to get the same effect.

As well as spending all their time promoting this type of innovation, Prime My Body also claims to use a supercritical oil extraction so that they get a number of beneficial elements from the plant as well as your regular cannabinoids.

Finally, though, here’s the catch. They don’t actually offer any valid data that backs up their source and testing claims, let alone third-party lab test results that are current and relevant to their latest products. Without proof, we can’t support the claims they make, which personally we feel is a big waste of time on their part. If they’re willing to put all this effort into creating innovative products, the least they could do is make sure they can back them up.

Otherwise, consumers will just look elsewhere for their CBD oil, whether the absorption level is different or not.

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Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

As we mentioned, Prime My Body offers its customers the chance to become an affiliate through its affiliate program.

While this prospect may initially be exciting and promising, you’ll soon get burned out by the thought that you can’t actually buy any of their products without signing up as an affiliate.

This is hardly an attractive prospect – the harder a company like this makes it to buy their products, the less likely you are to buy them.

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